Facing any type of felony or misdemeanor conviction is intimidating and confusing. From remembering your court dates to understanding your legal rights, there’s a lot involved in the process of mounting a solid legal defense.

Get the best outcome in your case when you hire The Law Office of Jeremy Babers in Shreveport. He has extensive experience representing clients across Northwest Louisiana on charges as simple as assault to more serious crimes such as burglary and kidnapping. Our attorney will do what it takes to effectively represent you against charges pertaining to:

The Law Office of Jeremy Babers in Shreveport, LA, will analyze every fact in your case to create a legal defense that allows for the best possible outcome in your situation. Schedule a consultation with our attorney by calling 318-935-0518.


With an arrest or conviction on your record, you could have trouble getting into school, securing a loan, finding suitable housing or gaining employment.

The Law Office of Jeremy Babers can help you with the expungement process. We’ll look at your record to find out if you qualify and explain what it takes to clean it up. In addition to criminal defense, we can also help you with family cases, personal injury and estate planning. Tell our attorney in Shreveport, LA, about your case now.

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